Licensing and Music Usage

If you would like to use a song by Tim White in your youtube video, film, TV show, video game, app, or commercial, we can help make that happen. Below you’ll find details on different usages. Find the one that applies to your project and if you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Can I use Tim White’s music on YouTube?2019-12-24T15:10:22-05:00

You are free to use any Tim White song (or remix) on YouTube.

There is no need to contact us before doing so. But we encourage you to send a link to Tim via Twitter, as he will often(but not always) retweet it, which = more views for you!

These videos MAY receive a copyright claim by any of the following entities: TALUS, Universal Music, Kobalt Music Group, Downtown Music Publishing.

If your video receives a claim, you will not be able to monetize the video but you are still free to use this song and your account will not receive a copyright strike.

Can I use Tim White’s music in my student film?2019-12-24T15:09:13-05:00

We love students. We love film. You Can use Tim’s music in your student film but you MUST contact us first.

How do I credit Tim White music in my video?2019-12-24T15:07:56-05:00

If you’re using Tim’s music on YouTube you should provide credit in the following format:

Music: Tim White – Song Title


Music: Tim White – Song Title (Feat. Artist) [X Remix]

What restrictions exist on how I can use Tim White’s music on YouTube?2019-12-24T14:29:54-05:00
  • No Nightcore versions of Tim White’s tracks
  • No Bass Boosted or otherwise altered versions of Tim’s tracks
  • No uploads of tracks that have not yet been officially released
  • No sharing links or free downloads of any kind may be provided (however, if you contact us, we may provide a sharing link for you to post)
  • Users are not permitted to use Tim White as their channel name or icon
  • Users must abide by and follow all YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines
  • Users must credit Tim White and any collaborators that helped create the work